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Greek Island Cuckold Story

Submitted by webmaster on Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 09:28 PM
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Greek Island Cuckold StoryHER STORY:

When we get out of the room, I was already drunk and wet. The whole time we were drinking on the porch he has been teasing me. Whenever my husband slaps my butt or tickles my nipples, he turns me on. We left the room after midnight and starting walking on the "Club Street". It gives me a pleasure to walk wit my husband while I am wearing a little tiny skirt. He usually slaps my butt and lifts my skirt up. I know he wants to show others what he will be fucking tonight.

We walked for a while, had some more drinks and then went into a club where people were dancing like crazy. My husband and I started dancing. My hands were all over his body and he was getting hard. I could feel his penis rubbing on my leg. I decided to tease him so I turned around and started rubbing my butt on his penis. He was all the way hard. Ready for me!. He hugged me and pushed my body against his. I could feel his breath on my neck. He kissed my neck and moved his hands over my breasts. I was really turned on. I wanted him to have me right there at that moment. He put one arm around my waist and with the other, he kept on rubbing my tits. He moved his hand down, teasing me with his fingers, he reached my pussy and rubbed it gently. I was getting wetter and wetter. Then all in a sudden he stopped. I was shocked. I was enjoying my husband teasing me and people watching us.

We left the club and started walking on the crowded streets and went back home and had a wild long sex.

After we were both ran down from our wild sex, we started to talk about swinging. We both wanted to have some special fun but I was really nervous when it came down to the real action part. I enjoyed same room sex and threesome with another girl. But I was not sure about another man. We were trying to set up some "dates" but the time and the place were not working fine together. It was almost towards the end of our trip.

DoubleTrouble's Free Hosted Gallery

Submitted by webmaster on Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 12:00 AM
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My First Time With Another Guy

Submitted by webmaster on Monday, 18 February 2013, 09:59 PM
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My First Time With Another GuyMy story begins while my wife and I were on a week vacation in Hawaii. We were staying at a very nice resort that had a beautiful pool. Since this was our 3rd trip to Maui, we spent most of our time at the pool instead of doing the usual tourist trips that we had already did a couple of times. Our trips to the pool became a routine, getting there around noon and staying till about 5 pm. Since we were there regularly we started to chat with other guests and became friendly with several folks around the pool. One couple in particular stood out in that they were a couple of guys, obviously involved with each other, and we soon figured that they were a gay couple. One of the guys was around my age, very attractive and fit. He looked very striking in his tight bathing suit. His partner was older and more reserved. We never spoke to each other but occasionally I would catch his eye and he would smile. It got to where him and I would play cat and mouse to catch each others eye as we lounged at poolside. Now let me explain that I had never had an experience with another man, but I had been to some adult bookstores and was intrigued be the activities going on in the booths in the back. Once I was propositioned but declined. It did intrigue me though about how it would be to have sex with another man.

Pom's Free Hosted Gallery

Submitted by webmaster on Monday, 18 February 2013, 12:00 AM
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Having Sex With Another Mans Wife

Submitted by webmaster on Sunday, 17 February 2013, 04:48 PM
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Having Sex With Another Mans WifeI have sex with married women, and I do so fairly often! But please don't get the wrong impression: I am NOT some Casanova, or a Lothario. I do NOT believe in helping a woman cheat on her husband, and I do NOT condone unfaithfulness. No, when I have sex with a married woman, it is with the full knowledge and approval, and often times at the URGING of her husband. The husband is nearly always present while I have sex with his wife, and often times he joins in to make it a threesome. It is a role I have found I enjoy immensely, and to my delight and amazement, I seem to be quite popular as an "extra man." I am not quite sure why (though I have some ideas), but I am grateful for my good fortune!

So when I was contacted by a husband back in October, asking for me to pleasure his wife, it was not something terribly unusual for me, but as always, it was still quite flattering! As we communicated (initially via email), he revealed that he was in his 40's, but that his wife was only only in her 20's. I was a little taken aback... being in the neighborhood of 50 myself, the wives I am invited to "entertain" are generally in their 30's and 40's, sometimes even older, and I enjoy that very much. But to find that there was a possibility that I might have a sexual encounter with a woman of 28 years was actually a little intimidating... would I be able to keep up with her, would I be able to satisfy her? But I was also excited... it would be a pleasure to be with a young woman, though I generally appreciate older women, because what they lack in youth, they more than make up for in experience and skill! But still, a young woman can be fun now and then.

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